Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New York State of Mind

Went on an awesome trip to New York in September with my friends Lucille and Nina. I didn't actually give myself enough time to paint my nails before we left so I took a few colours with me and painted most of them when we arrived.
On my left hand I have the American flag, an apple on a glittery background, the Wooster Street Tattoo shop logo (went to NY Ink while we there and Lucille got a tattoo done by the lovely Luke Wessman), a New York taxi and a pretzel. On my left hand I have the New York skyline on a sunset gradient base (including the Statue of Liberty on my little finger) and I heart NY on my thumb.
Also in the background of these pics is my awesome new 'Paper Plane Weekend Bag' by Disaster Designs I bought specially for the trip.
Was an amazing holiday filled with adventures and although it was my second time in New York, we got to see so much more and I can't wait to go back again one day!

Here's a couple of pics from our trip:

 The three of us at Times Square and the awesome view from our hotel room.

I also have an Instagram account which I frequently update my nail art pics. If you're interested follow me: juliawizardofnails

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Juicy Fruit

Created these just after a pretty bad flu bug I had back in September. I was overdosing on vitamin C and fresh fruit for the entire week so this gave me inspiration for my next nail art.
On my left hand I have a melon, an orange, blackberries, a pear and strawberries. On my right hand I have cherries, grapes, an apple, a peach and bananas.
I decided to add an extra bit of pattern to the background of these nails as they seemed quite plain with just the fruit, so I painted various colours of polka dots onto the base colours before painting the fruit over them.
Fingers crossed I won't be painting fruit nails again for a while...