Thursday, 9 April 2015

The first and the last

These were painted in August last year, which not only marked my godson William's 1st birthday but also the end of an era as I left my house of three years and moved on to pastures new.
On my left hand are the birthday nails with Happy 1st Birthday written across them in balloons with added glitter using Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter.
On my right hand are Disney kings and queens nails to match our leaving party theme as we lived on Kings Grove in Queens Road Peckham. From left to right I have Simba from the Lion King, Elsa's crown from Frozen, the Queen of Hearts crown from Alice in Wonderland, King Triton's crown and trident from the Little Mermaid and the evil queen's crown from Snow White.
Had a great time at both parties and look forward to many more birthdays and house parties to come...

Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs

Painted these for my birthday outing to the Harry Potter Studio Tour last year. I wore my Black Milk Clothing Marauders Map dress so naturally I had to paint some of my nails to match.
On my left hand I have HP in the Harry Potter font, a golden snitch, the Deathly Hallows symbol, the Hogwarts logo and Harry's scar and glasses. On my right hand I have various parts of the Marauders Map, including footprints and a sign saying Harry Potter on the thumb.
To get the texture for my right hand I used a cream base and stippled over it using Kiko no.369 Light Ochre.
Here's another close-up of my nails fitting into the map on the dress:

Had such a great day, was one of my best birthdays yet. Definitely plan on visiting again soon!