Monday, 22 April 2013

Time to nut up or shut up!

Went to the Zom-Com All Nighter at the Prince Charles Cinema on Saturday night so I decided to paint my nails just for the occasion.
They all have either the title or a significant part of the films on them. I seem to be writing on my nails a lot more lately so I wanted to practice painting fonts on these nails. I'm pleased with most of them, however there are one or two where I couldn't quite fit the entire word on my nail so it looks a bit messy (Zombieland for example).
On my left hand I have 'Zom-Com All Nighter' in the same colours and font which were written on the Prince Charles Cinema website to advertise it, Ash's boomstick from Army of Darkness, the Army of Darkness title, the Shaun of the Dead title with the hand on the 'A', Shaun's shirt with tie, badge, pocket and red ink.
On my right hand I have the Braindead title (realised afterwards that I've painted it upside down for the photo), the lawnmower from Braindead over the coloured stripes of the zombie baby's onesie, the Return of the Living Dead title, a twinkie, the Zombieland title.
Had an awesome night at the cinema and especially enjoyed seeing Return of the Living Dead for the first time! It may even rank close to the top of my favourite zombie movies.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

With the new series starting last week I decided I should create some nail art for one of my favourite shows on TV, Mad Men.
I haven't dedicated them to any one series in particular, just logos and items which people would associate with the series as a whole.
On my left hand I have the final shot of the title sequence, a whiskey glass, a typewriter, the Lucky Strike logo and a pin stripe suit with silver tie.
On my right hand I have Joan's chest, green dress and gold pen which she wears round her neck, the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce logo, the falling man from the title sequence, Don's hat and the advertising slogan for Belle Jolie lipstick in series 1; 'Mark Your Man'.
Am loving the new series so far and I can't wait to see where they take it, let alone what amazing costumes, hair and make-up they come up with...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

An Unexpected Journey

Finally the release of The Hobbit: An Unepected Journey has arrived on DVD! Since it came out at the cinema I've been looking for the right time to paint Hobbit nails so the DVD release seemed perfect as I can use my nails to promote it at work.
Earlier this year I bought a pair of Lord of the Rings map leggings from Black Milk so I decided to model the colours of the map nails on these as I also wore these to work on Sunday.
On my left hand I have The Hobbit title, the one ring, Bilbo's door with the mark Gandalf made on it, Bilbo's sword 'Sting' and Thorin's key to Erebor.
On my right is locations from the map; Hobbiton, Rivendell, the Misty Mountains and Erebor. Then 'Middle Earth' in red.
Got this taken at work after we put all the DVD's on the shelves ready for Monday's release:

Looking forward to the next installment now!