Friday, 7 December 2012

Mi Chico Latino

 I created these especially for our lovely Spanish holiday over the summer. Stayed for a week in Calella near Barcelona, which was a perfect way to wind down after finishing my final project at uni.
Originally these were a mixture of Spanish flags and Catalonia flags but after being told by a local that they're not so friendly with the Spanish in those parts I decided to add a yellow stripe to all my nails. This was also the time of the UEFA European Footbal Cup I added an English flag to support the team when we went to watch the matches at our local bar.

A couple of days into the holiday I decided to spend one of our evenings creating some holiday nail art whilst watching films dubbed into Spanish, the best was The Lost Boys.
I painted a sunset over the sea, a cocktail, a palm tree, an ice cream and a beach ball on one hand. A sandcastle, a watermelon, a bucket and spade, a parasol and a sailboat on the other. These were some of my first nails which I created without having any reference images in front of me as we didn't have internet access in our apartment.

This picture was taken from the top balcony of our lovely apartment at sunrise. Hope we get to go back someday...

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