Monday, 24 June 2013

Character vs Beauty

Went to IMATS (International Make-up Artist Trade Show) this weekend. Learned so much from all the panel talks and stands, more so that the previous years I have been. On the first day I still had my leftover Download nails which were chipping and looking nasty, however they still got attention so I decided I had to paint some for the trade show by the time I went back on Sunday.
The convention is a mixture of beauty and character make-up stalls and artists so I decided to mix the two on my nails. On my left hand I have the logo of the show, a bullet wound, stitched wounds, scratch wounds and dripping blood. On my right hand I have pink and red marbling, a butterfly wing, pink, blue and yellow leopard print, red, blue and yellow pop art and floral pattern.
Learned a lot about social networking this time therefore I have decided to create a new, more professional looking blog using WordPress. Will add a link once it's ready. Watch this space...

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