Wednesday, 14 August 2013

This Morning

This week I began work experience with the make-up department on This Morning so I knew I had to create some themed nails for the occasion. In order to decide what to paint I went onto the website and chose the various segments which they have on the show, then designed how to draw them onto my nails. On my left hand I have the show title, The Hub in a speech bubble, Style & Beauty with lipstick, Home with a cup of tea and Life on a hand print. On my right hand I have Health with a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, Garden over some blue flowers, Showbiz over glitter and a gold star, Food on a strawberry and the ITV logo.
The nail colours I use are mostly cheaper brands such as Barry M, Rimmel and 17. They all go on easily but need at least two coats so it can take a while to wait for them to dry before painting the detail. With the Barry M pastel colours I usually paint one or two coats of white first, then go over with the colour as I find it shows up better with a white base.
I'm more than half way through the week now and so far it's been a fantastic experience getting to know the team, learning how live shows work on set and applying touch ups to guests and presenters before they go on camera. Looking forward to my last couple of days and I can't wait to see where this experience will take me next.

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