Monday, 14 October 2013

Blood and Bones

Not quite Halloween nails at the time but as we're now in the month of Halloween it's appropriate to add these to the blog. I created these in September when I had just received my latest pair of Black Milk leggings, the Splatter Skulls, which are in the background of these images. As they are now the 10th pair that I own from them I thought I'd celebrate by matching my nails to my legs.
I was originally going to paint skulls instead of skeleton parts to match them up with the leggings but I decided instead to add other areas of the skeleton (plus I was running a little short on time and bones are easier to paint than skulls). My left hand has the pelvis, the ribs and a leg bone. My right hand has the spine, a hand and a foot.
I am happy with how these turned out, especially the shading on the pelvis, which I painted by adding a little bit of dark grey and lightly stippling onto the white pelvic bone area. I painted the blood splatter by painting the detail in white to begin with, as red doesn't show up straight onto black, then I went over with a bright red - my favourite at the moment is the Barry M Gelly in 'Blood Orange'.
Looking forward to saving up for my next pair of Black Milks, got my eye on the Haunted House 2.0 ones from the Halloween collection at the moment...

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