Tuesday, 19 March 2013

When you wish upon a nail...

Took a while for me to decide on a theme for this week as it's not quite Easter yet and I did St. Patrick's Day nails last year. Then I looked down at my phone case and decided it would be a perfect inspiration. This is my latest case:

Disney princess cupcakes!
Some of them I decided to copy as close as possible because the designs are perfect for nail art. Some of them are a bit too detailed and complicated or I just wanted to put my own spin on them. So 5 of my nails are straight from the case and 5 are my own cupcake designs.
On my left hand I have a 'Disney' cupcake in the Disney font (I wanted to draw this on the last Disney nails I did but I never actually completed that nail), Snow White, Pocahontas (not technically a princess but she was one of my favourites as a child), Cinderella and Princess and the Frog. Then on my right I have The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Sleeping Beauty (my all time favourite).
Missed out on the Mulan nail as I never grew up with that film and I actually still haven't seen it, as shocking as that is!
Actually watching a Disney marathon right now as I'm ill at the moment and I always used to get the Disney out when I was sick as a child. Nothing like some Disney magic to cure a cold!

Look out for my Easter nails coming soon...

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