Friday, 28 March 2014

Black Milk Sharkie

As I am now a proud owner of over ten Black Milk pieces, I decided it was about time I painted my collection on my nails! There are actually five items missing from these nails - Gamer leggings, Woman In Red leggings, Artoo and Threepio leggings (which I already painted in a previous blog post), Adventure Time Bro Ball leggings and Adventure Time Friends GFT.
On my left hand I have Ginger Bread, Lace Spartans, Mechanicals, a shark (wouldn't be a proper sharkie if I didn't include a little shark in there), and Tapes (my very first Black Milk item). On my right hand I have Red Galaxies, Drogon Dragon Egg (haven't got these yet but they will be my next purchase), Red and Black, Leg Bones, and Splatter Skull.
I discovered this site a couple of years ago and they've been a dangerous addiction ever since, however they're worth every penny because they make my legs look super awesome!
Trying to save up for the Drogon Dragon Egg leggings at the moment, being a massive Game of Thrones fan. Got my eye on the new Wonder Woman Cape Suit for summer.
Can't wait to see what amazing designs they come up with next!

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