Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy cutesy Easter!

Happy Easter! What better way celebrate the festivities than with some colourfully decorated Easter Eggs (and maybe a couple of cute bunnies thrown in there for good measure).
These are probably the most basic nails I've done in a very long time but I just wanted to do something quick with a variety of pastel colours for Easter. I also used my Claire's matte top coat over the patterned nails to give them an egg shell finish. It dried ok however the little finger on my left hand turned white as it dried.
To paint these I painted all my nails with a white base coat, I use two coats of Barry M, then used a thin brush to paint the stripes and zig zags and a dotting tool to add the polka dots. I painted a pink and yellow coat over the white for two of the nails for a bit of variety (both Rimmel). For the rabbits I actually painted the colour on over the white then added the black and pink detail (I think the rabbit on the left hand maybe looks a bit too psycho).
Hope everyone enjoys their day of chocolate and yummy foods and don't forget what Easter is really about - zombie Jesus!

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