Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Summer Birthdays

The month of May seems to contain the birthdays of many of my closest friends. This year saw a big milestone with my friends Grace and Lucille's 30th! As well my housemate Kerala's birthday at the beginning of the month and my friend Dave's at the end of the month. To celebrate these I have painted a nail for each person on my left hand. A birthday cake for all of them, balloons for Dave, wine for Kerala and her wine and cheese party she threw, a disco ball and ice cream for Grace and Lucille.
For the last week of the month and for Dave's birthday celebrations we went on a trip to Bournemouth for some beachy fun. Unfortunately it happened to be the one cloudy week of the month but we were lucky to not get too much rain and still managed to make time for beach walks and coastal fun. So on my right hand I have a beach scene of sun and a beach ball, a person flying a kite, a parasol and beach towel, a sailboat and crab, and a sandcastle, bucket and spade.
Had a great month spending time with all of my friends, although I'm now looking forward to being able to save a bit of money in preparation for my birthday celebrations at the end of July!

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