Thursday, 22 May 2014

"Game over man, game over!"

Last week saw the sad loss of an amazing artist, set designer and the man behind the creation of the xenomorph, H.R. Giger. To commemorate I decided to paint some detailed Alien and Aliens film nails as they are two of my all time favourite films and without Giger's designs they wouldn't be nearly as visually stunning. My left hand is Alien themed while my right is the sequel, Aliens.
On my left hand I have the 'Alien' title, a chestburster (unfortunately forgot to paint the blood on it), a xenomorph, an alien egg, and acid blood splatter. On my right hand I have the pattern from the power loader Ripley uses, multiple alien eggs, the queen xenomorph's head, an M41A pulse rifle and a facehugger.
Took a very long time to create the detail and shading for these nails but it paid off and I'm pleased with the outcome. Painting the shading involves a lot of stipple technique using a very thin brush and lots of layers of colour. I also stipple the excess paint onto a tissue before painting to get fine detail, as opposed to blotchy colours.
I love the Alien franchise and I'm so glad Giger's work will live on in such classic and beautiful films.

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