Friday, 4 March 2016

Valar Morghulis

Season 4 is coming! Or it was at the time I painted these. Designed for the DVD release of season 4 in February last year so I had those particular characters and storylines in mind when I painted them.
On my left hand I have the raven from the front cover of the DVD, Sansa's necklace, a heart tree, Jon Snow's sword Longclaw, and Arya's coin.
On my right hand I have the Martell sigil, the Lannister sigil, the Clegane sigil, a golden harpie statue, and GOT in the Game of Thrones font.
I was also lucky enough to get my DVD signed by Carice Van Houten at London Film and Comic Con last summer:

It's now almost time for the season 5 DVD release so there'll be new GoT nails coming soon...

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