Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Seasons change...

Created on 1st September.
This week I noticed that leaves had begun to fall off trees, the weather was getting cooler and signs of Autumn's arrival were everywhere. As I didn't want to believe that summer had ended just yet, I decided to create Summer to Autumn nails, Summer on one hand and Autumn on the other.
I did a bit of research into classic seasonal plants, food, drink, weather etc. and came up with some ideas for each nail. Unfortunately, as you can see below, the Autumn ones didn't work out so well so I gave up on the idea and realised we had a while left of Summer fun to enjoy. Originally I was going to do blackberries, an acorn, an umbrella, a hot coffee and a hedgehog for the Autumn nails but I decided to stick with my summer nails; a strawberry, sunflowers, a sunset, a cocktail and a ladybird and repeat them on both hands.
The sunflowers came out a bit different on both hands because I was experimenting with styles and colours. Also decided to do different colours for the cocktails.

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