Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nobody f***s with the Jesus!

Created 30th September.
Went bowling this week with a few of my closest friends. It's something we've been doing a fair bit over the summer, mainly on a Tuesday as it's half price bowling and half price drinks, nothing like bowling after a couple of shots and a beer! I'm not that great at bowling but my game has gradually been improving. Got some pretty good scores this week and I actually got a spare at one point, which is rare for me.
I wanted to do some simple bowling nails this week as I have a bit less time on my hands now I'm officially back at uni. However I can't do anything simple, plus I've been a bit ill recently so I had some spare time to do something different, so I decided on 'The Big Lebowski' nails. This meant I could still do the bowling theme but have a bit more variety with what to paint on each nail.
If you've seen the film hopefully you'll get the references. If not then go see it immediately! It's a hilarious cult classic, one of Jeff Bridges' finest roles.
So for the bowling pin nails I decided on the bright green background, you only need to see the DVD cover to get that reference. For the rest I did the Dude's sunglasses with the rug reflection and the catchphrase of the film 'The Dude Abides', a bowling shoe and the Dude's jumper on my left hand. On my right hand I did a little White Russian, the Dude's favourite cocktail (and mine), the Dude's bowling shirt and for the thumb I wanted to write the quote "Nobody f***s with the Jesus!" over the purple colour of his outfit but it didn't look so good as it's very tough to write teeny words using your left hand when you're right-handed. Instead I opted for a plain purple, my first plain nail in a very long time. I also went the extra mile and painted my toe nails green, hopefully I'll be keeping all my toes though.

I'm gonna go watch that film again now because it's awesome. Next time I go bowling it'll be White Russians all round!

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