Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Back to School

Created on 21st September.
As I was soon to be enrolling on the second and final year of my university course I decided to create some school themed nails this week.
I already knew that I wanted to try the notebook style background on most of my nails but I couldn't think of what to put on them so I went to Facebook to find some help and inspiration.
This was my status: 
"Decided this weeks nail art theme is 'back to school' so I need a little help... What did you used to write/doodle on your pencil cases and homework diaries?".
Thankfully I got a few replies and that's how the designs on my left hand were created. These include the stars, the Pacman ghost, the name tag and the teeny penis (which got lots of attention). The other hand were things that I used to doodle in my own school books. (Although I never actually got an A+, that's just wishful thinking.) Unfortunately this hand got a little smudged when I applied the clear top coat.
Finally I decided to do the apple and the school uniform because I don't like all my nails looking the same, plus I wanted to add some colour in there. The colours in the tie were the same ones I used to wear in my upper school.

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