Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Created 27th January.
Hook is one of my childhood favourites and as I'm creating a pirate look for my make-up project this term I decided to re-watch it for inspiration (and to re-live my childhood).
It took me a while to decide on the designs for each nail. I've made it a pirates vs lost boys theme with pirates on my left hand and lost boys on my right.
On my left hand I have Hook's hook (I wanted to write the film's title above it as well but thought it would look a little too busy so I decided to just add a shine to the hook). Then I have the pocket watch Peter gave to his son before he was kidnapped by Hook. I wanted to put Hook on my nails without having to draw his whole face so I just drew his moustache and eyebrows as they really define his face. Then there's Hook's red coat and buttons. On the last nail I drew a crocodile print, Hook's worst enemy.
On my right hand I have a baseball, which is a big storyline between Peter and his son. It's also what gives Peter his happy thought and makes him fly again. Rufio is my favourite character so I had to include him somehow, I've drawn his black and red stripes and his name. I had to add Tinkerbell in there so I drew a golden silhouette with glitter fairy dust trailing behind her. The food fight is one of my favourite scenes so I wanted to get some bright colours in there, then I had to put the 'bangorang' over the top.  The last nail is a silhouette of the lost boy's tree house with the sunset behind.
I really enjoy doing film nails and would like to do them more often because it's not something that other people do a lot. They can also be far more personal and original than just choosing a theme.
Also a little shout out to my lovely kitty Bubbles who was 2 on the 27th!

 She likes to sit on my lap when I'm doing my nails.

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