Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lego people

Created 12th January.
Always loved Lego as a kid, especially the little people because you can swap their heads and legs round. Recently returned to my obsession when I discovered the collectable Lego Miniatures. I've now collected quite a few (with only a couple of doubles which I'm surprised about), so I decided to put the ones I have so far on my nails.
I only have eight different mini's so far so I decided to put the 'Lego' logo on my thumb nail. For the rest there's a detective, a lego man in a dinosaur costume, a snowboarder and a gladiator on my left hand. Then on my right hand I have a clown (my favourite and I was so happy when I finally got him), an eskimo, a boxer with a bruised face, a female zookeeper and her monkey.
The new series of collectable Lego mini's is out now so it looks like I have a whole load more to add to my collection. Can't wait!

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