Sunday, 24 February 2013

And the Oscar goes to...

Every year for the last few years I have enjoyed staying up late to watch the Academy Awards. So this year I decided to celebrate it with my nail art as well.
I have 'The 85th Oscars' title in gold on a black and glitter base, an envelope on a gold glitter base, an Oscar statue on the red carpet, a tuxedo and the E! channel logo on my left hand. Then a make-up brush on pink glitter, Kate Winslet's 2002 Oscar dress (my personal favourite over the years), a film strip countdown, a camera and a clapperboard on my right hand.
I included the make-up brush on there as that is the award I look forward to the most. Maybe one day it'll be my name called out (I can dream).
Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful dresses on the red carpet and finding out all the award winners. My money's on Lincoln cleaning the board, although there could easily be a few surprises. Hoping The Hobbit wins Best Make-up and Hairstyling but we shall see...
Happy viewing to all those watching along!

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