Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tattoo convention

Created on 28th September 2012.
This is the first time I have ever repeated any of my nail art designs as I usually like to come up with a new, creative theme every week. However as I was going to the London Tattoo convention this week I decided I should repeat the tattoo nails but with a few different designs. These are also much more colourful than the original ones.
Here I have a Day of the Dead skull, a rose, a swallow, a nautical star with lots of mini stars, a heart, a number 13, an anchor, ivy vines (the same design I have tattooed on my leg), cherries and a butterfly.
Unfortunately they came out a bit smudged as my black went a bit gloopy so it smudged when I applied the top coat. Think the colour and shading came out nicely though.

Had an awesome time at the convention and even saw Miami Ink and New York Ink's Ami James inking away:

Looking forward to the Brighton tattoo convention now. Might even get myself a new tattoo while I'm there!

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