Sunday, 10 February 2013

Vampire vs Werewolf

Halloween 2012 nails!
Wanted to do something a bit more specific for Halloween this year so I decided to do creatures of the night. Classic Hollywood monsters, the vampire and the werewolf.
For the vampire nails I have the fangs, bats, bites, garlic and a crucifix. Then for the werewolf ones a silver bullet, fur, a yellow eye, a howling wolf and a wide open jaw.
The wolf jaw looks a bit wonky as I accidentally knocked it when the top coat was still wet but I think it adds to the movement of the mouth.

Dressed as Little Red Riding Hood just after a fight with the wolf for our annual Halloween house party (make-up applied by myself using sculpting wax and fake blood, 3 years of uni finally paying off):

What's not in the pic is my little basket with a wolf head in it. (Was actually a random dog head slipper which I found but it worked just as well).

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