Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Yeah Bitch!

After their awesome win at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday I realised it was about time I updated my Breaking Bad nail art onto my blog. I actually painted these back in September to celebrate the final ever episode.
On my left hand I have the 'Los Pollos Hermanos' logo (would've liked to have drawn the two chickens inside the blue circle but it proved to be too much tiny detail), Heisenberg, the Br and Ba periodic table symbols, and some blue crystal meth. On my right hand I have the bacon which Walt shaped into a 52 for his birthday, a gas mask, 'Yeah Bitch! Magnets' with a magnet, Hector Salamanca's bell and 'Better Call Saul!'.
I wanted to use a lot greens and yellows with these nails to mimic the colour scheme of the opening credits. Most of which are either Barry M or 17 colours. For the crystal meth nail I used a chunky glitter polish to start with for the texture, then painted over it with a blue metallic colour.
I miss Breaking Bad and it's a shame it had to end, however I shall be re-living it many more times with my DVD's.

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