Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Riding Through This World...

Painted these in November whilst Season 6 was being aired on TV. Only just started watching this show last summer when I bought myself the box set but I was hooked straight away. It's now one of my favourite current series along with Game of Thrones and I know it will be a sad day when the final series comes to an end next year.
On my left hand I have 'Sons of Anarchy', a motorcycle helmet, the Sons of Anarchy reaper, a rose tattoo and the Anarchy logo. On my right hand I have a cigar, a gun, a SAMCRO patch, a knife with blood drips and a President patch.
These nails were mostly inspired by the opening credits of the show and how each character has specific items or traits which distinguish them from one another. The Reaper was the hardest to paint as it's a lot of detail for one nail.
The colours used are mostly Barry M black and white. I also used a 17 cream base for the cigar and my favourite nude base for the rose tattoo which is Revlon Grey Suede.

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