Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Last Monday was the annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations and as my best friend is part Mexican I decided this would be my nail art theme for the week.
On my left hand I have 'Feliz Cinco de Mayo', sugar skulls, a sombrero and a cactus. On my right hand I have a chilli, more sugar skulls, maracas and the dragon eggs from Game of Thrones. The eggs may seem a bit out of place but I wanted to include them because not only are they the same colours as the Mexican flag, the new episode of Game of Thrones aired on the same day as Cinco de Mayo.
To create these nails I used a white base coat on most of them because I wanted to make the bright colours pop. I then only wanted to include red, yellow and green in the colour scheme as they are the stereotypical colours which represent Mexico, plus they're bright and festive.
I hope everyone who celebrates this day across the pond had an amazing day!

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