Monday, 3 February 2014


These were painted back in November when the Winter chills were closing in and the Autumn leaves were falling from the trees. It was also just coming up to Thanksgiving at the time.
On my left hand I have Autumn leaves on a red to yellow gradient, acorns, mittens, a scarf and a hat. On my right hand I have a knife and fork, a Thanksgiving turkey, a hedgehog, an umbrella and conkers.
I had already created something similar with the hat and scarf on some Winter nails I did last year, however this time I decided to paint them Autumn colours. The two gradient nails were painted by stippling the colour on with a small brush and layering each colour to blend them in using a red, two shades of orange and a yellow.

These nails were inspired by ones I painted on a lovely lady named Lorna (the flatmate of my friend Nina) a few days before, who gave me some ideas of the theme she wanted and so I painted these for her:

They are all red to yellow gradient with a leopard print painted over them, with the exception of the fourth finger to the left which is brown leaves on a green base and the second finger to the right which is a butterfly on a purple to pink gradient base.
Had a great time painting these and it made me realise I'd like to paint nail art for other people far more often.

For Thanksgiving last year it turned out my friend and her mum were unable to do the traditional Thanksgiving dinner so I found some recipes online and decided to make it all myself from scratch for the first time. Here's the sweet potato pie I made for dessert:

Very proud to say it tasted delicious!

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