Monday, 10 February 2014

Happy New Year!

Although these nails were painted for New Year's eve celebrations, they also celebrate the Chinese New Year which was last week. These are actually my first ever New Year nails as I painted Paris themed ones last year and I was too ill to paint anything the year before so I wanted to make them shiny, glittery and extra festive.
On my left hand I have gold, silver and red glitter fireworks, 'Happy New Year' on silver and gold sequin glitter bases and the Chinese symbol for the year of the horse. On my right hand I have '2014' on silver and gold glitter bases and a champagne glass and party horn with multi-coloured glitter varnish.
The glitters I use are all Barry M and I love their range. The sequin colours are the most fun as they really shimmer in the light, however the texture makes it difficult to paint over. I usually paint a smooth glitter base to start with, then paint the words or images and then add some of the textured sequins around them after.
Hope everyone saw in the New Year with awesome fun celebrations!

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