Sunday, 23 February 2014

Valentines Day of the Dead

Wanted to create something a little different for my Valentines nails this year so I decided to go with a zombie theme as Walking Dead has just returned to our screens. I am also entering these nails into a River Island nail art competition so I chose an original Valentines theme which might potentially stand out from the usual hearts and flowers.
On my left hand I have two zombie hands making a heart shape, a brain in the shape of a heart, a zombie teddy bear, a wilted rose and some lips dripping blood. On my right I have some mini hearts with blood drips, a bleeding cupid's arrow, a zombie mouth with 'I Chews You' inside, a bleeding heart and a zombie hand in front of a gravestone which reads 'Undying Love'.
I wanted to use a grey/green base coat for most of these to depict a rotting zombie colour. The one I chose is Rimmel 813 Round And Round The Garden.
To paint these nails I began with two coats of each base colour, then layered each colour on top using a very fine nail art brush adding smaller detail as I went, then finishing off with text and outline.
In the background are my awesome zombie slippers I found in the sale just after Christmas.
Whether it was eating chocolates or brains, I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines day!

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