Friday, 21 February 2014

Wah Nails wheel

This is my first ever nail wheel which I created last month. I painted it for the purpose of applying for a job at Wah Nails, an amazing nail art salon based in London which has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. All the designs painted on this wheel are specific Wah designs which I chose to show my ability to paint a wide variety of techniques.
Starting from the top going clockwise: Tartan, Ying Yang, Going Bananas, Daisies, Polka Hearts, Anchors, Stars and Stripes, Strawberry, Primary Optics, Rainbow Tribal, Pretty Eye, Pow, Flash, Tuxedo, Aztec Print, Houndstooth, Wah Leopard Print and Zebra.
Hope to hear back from them as it is a dream job of mine and I would love to paint more of my nail art on other people.

These are the brand new nail art brushes I bought recently and they work perfectly with the tiny details I use in my nail art designs:

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