Wednesday, 4 January 2012

There's a zombie on your lawn...

Created on 12th November.
These were a recommendation from a fellow Plants vs. Zombies fan who I work with at hmv. Took me a while to do them but I got there in the end so these are for you Robb!
They're quite plain and simple really, just a character on each nail but the detail took me a while. I have plants on one hand and a zombie with zombie items on the other.
On my left hand I have a sunflower with sun, a sun-shroom, a peashooter, a wall-nut and a lily pad. The colours aren't necessarily correct but it's all I had to work with at the time and I managed to get their facial expressions which was the important part.
On my right hand I have a zombie head on the thumb (couldn't quite manage a full zombie), a zombie flag with a brain on it, a zombie dolphin, a zombie balloon and a traffic cone which some zombies wear on their head (only the ones which like to party though).

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