Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy Halloween!

First of all I must apologize for leaving it so long since I last updated. Been very busy with uni, work and many other things. However I have still made time for my weekly nail art. Therefore I'm now going to have a mega update of the last couple of months.

I moved into a new house just before Halloween so we used this as an excuse to have a big housewarming/Halloween party. As my costume this year I decided to be a Day of the Dead jilted bride and paint my face with bright colours. I do love a bit of blood and gore but it gets boring doing it every year. Here's the outcome:

My housemate Charlotte also made an awesome short film of me doing my make-up as part of her university course. Here's the link:

So we come to the nail art... I was considering keeping to the 'Day of the Dead' theme and painting skulls on my nails, however I wanted to do something with a bit more variety so I decided to do a mixture of everything Halloween. On my right hand I have a candy corn, a spider and web, a wolf and moon, dripping blood and a gravestone. On my left hand I decided to do spooky faces; a clown, a pumpkin, Jack Skellington, a mummy and a ghost.

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