Friday, 6 January 2012

Ten days of Christmas

Created from 13th December.
I had decided to do advent calendar nails the week before because I had been late picking up an obligatory chocolate advent calendar for myself this year so that gave me the idea. I had to wait until the 13th before I could paint on the doors because 10 days before Christmas starts on the 15th, unfortunately I don't have 12 fingers so I couldn't do the proper 12 days of Christmas. I decided to use just plain silver and gold for the doors to keep them simple. This made it easier for me to do retouching because they needed maintenance before the 10 days were up. I also placed the numbers randomly like you would see on a normal advent calendar, although I did strategically plan where each design would go first depending on the size of the design.

I started it all off with a nice traditional Christmas mistletoe. Unfortunately it was a bit too small to catch the attention of any boys.

This one's not quite so Christmassy because the 16th is my mum's birthday. Traditionally I usually give her the 16th chocolate from my advent calendar so this year I thought I'd go one step further and pay tribute to her in nail art form. She was very pleased with it.

A teeny red and white candy cane on a green background. I do love a good candy cane and this year we've decorated our house Christmas tree with them too!

A robin on a snowy white background.

A lit candle on a holder. This one is my favourite of the bunch because the tiny details came out nicely.

Holly and berries. Took a few goes to get this nail right and even now I still think it looks a bit plain. Decided to add gold stripes down the side and across the tip to give it a bit more structure.

Christmas pudding. Not the best pic because of the reflected light but it shows up the layer of silver glitter I painted over the brown. It looked too plain without it.

Glittery wreath with a big red bow. This is my completed right hand with all the advent calendar doors uncovered.

Pretty Christmas angel. Almost made her too big to fit the halo on her head but I made room for it. I like her tiny eyes and red lips.

Christmas eve:
Decorated Christmas tree with baubles, tinsel, a star and glitter sparkles. I wanted to fit in some presents under the tree too but I didn't quite make enough room for them. This nail was painted using my new nail art pens that I got for Christmas. Pack of 92 colours, including glitters! So excited to use them all! Many more nail art designs to come next year...

This is my completed left hand. Some of them have a few little chips because unfortunately the varnish doesn't tend to stay on very well for 10 days.

This is me and my friend Dave celebrating Christmas eve at my best friend Nyssa's house.

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