Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Winter wonderland

Created on 6th December.
Writing essays can be so tedious. Even when I'm writing about my favourite subject; zombies! So I took a break for a good couple of hours to make myself some nice winter themed nails.
I wanted them to just be white and different shades of blue for winter colours. Of course I had to add a few dashes of other colours here and there to complete my creations. From left to right; silver base with blue crackle nail polish. I rarely use this as I like to create my own designs and I find this polish cheats a bit because it's creating the look for me but I thought I'd try it out this once; blue and silver Christmas bauble on a white background; silver bells on a white background; blue stripe wrapping paper. This started out as candy cane stripes but I think it looks more like wrapping paper the way I've done it; a snowman that's ready to party! Then on the other hand; snow globe scene; present with a bow and silver tip; gold shooting star in a blue sky; a very cute penguin; and a snowflake.

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