Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wonder Woman!

Created on 16th November.
My uni work had really begun to pick up at this point last term, I was getting really involved with making my first prosthetic and my wig was coming along nicely, however it was becoming very stressful for me as time was rapidly running out. I knew I needed to do something fairly simple with my nails which didn't take up too much time but still looked effective. I was having a cup of tea one evening with my Wonder Woman mug and I realised that would be a perfect theme.
I've used parts of her costume on most of my nails. The little fingers are her boots, the blue stars are her shorts, the yellow 'W' on my thumb is her top and the red star on the gold is her head band. I still had two blank nails left over so I decided to add her lips and a comic book style 'pow'.

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