Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Birthday rollercoaster

I created these for my birthday at the end of July last year. It also marked a one year anniversary of my nail art creations. I've been painting nail art on a (almost) weekly basis since soon after my birthday in 2011 and I'm very happy with all the creations I have painted so far. Looking forward to another year of it. Lets hope I don't run out of ideas any time soon!
Anyway for these nails I painted a rollercoaster with a fast pass ticket on one hand because I went to Thorpe park on my birthday with my brother and my friend Dave. Had an awesome time and it wasn't very busy so we managed to get on all the rides we wanted to with hardly any queing.
The other hand is a Leo symbol - my star sign, a bunch of balloons, a glittery present, a party popper and confetti and a birthday cake.

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