Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bonne année!

Went to the beautiful city of Paris for New Years this year. Not only that, it was for my best friend's mum's 60th birthday which was on New Years day. Had a fabulous time with plenty of yummy food and amazing sites. The best part was the fact it was a couch tour which meant we could sit back and relax while being driven around to see all the sites.
So these are the nails I painted before we left. I decided to paint things that immediately make you think of Paris when you see them. Starting with the Eiffel tower on my left hand. I decorated it with fireworks and glitter for a new year theme. Then the Moulin Rouge windmill, the Sacre Coeur at the Montmartre, the Chat Noir (my favourite of the bunch) and a Chanel necklace (which came out a little smudged as the detail was a bit too small). Then on my right hand the French flag, the Louvre pyramid, the Arc du Triomphe, a croissant and an 'I love Paris' (I wanted this to look sparkly with my new Barry M glitter nail varnish but it came out looking like something you get in a tacky tourist shop, I still love it all the same).

It was a lovely sunny day when we went into the city on the first day. Unfortunately it rained New Years eve but we still had a fantastic time.
Happy new year and bonne année to all you lovely readers!
New years resolution this year is to update this blog more regularly so will try to keep on top of things. Final year of uni now though so no guarantees. Will try my best.
Happy reading!

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