Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Multi-coloured marbling

So after my first attempt at water marbling with my Gaga nails I decided to give it a proper go and experiment with a few different colours.
Each nail has a white base coat in order to make the colours show up brighter. They also each have a black, a white and two different shades of each colour. As I discovered not every colour worked in the water because it has to be the right consistency in order to spread - if it's too gloopy it doesn't work.
Although it was great fun trying it out I'm in no rush to try it again soon as it took forever. The amount of times I had to remove it and try again because it didn't come out right or it dried too quickly in the water. It's definitely a matter of timing and trial and error. I would love to try it out in the future with different patterns - candy cane patterns can look very effective, but only if I have plenty of time on my hands.

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